Herbs have been used since ancient times as essentials in people’s lives. They are used in many aspects in life, such as food, drinks, beauty, gardening, and decoration. Although the demand has decreased with the progress of medicine, herbs that utilize the power of natural healing have been given more credit in the past few years due to the rising of health and environmental orientation.

WWith the evolution of science, fashion has become something that people can enjoy even more. But what should we seek and what should we propose beyond trends and fashion?

Herbs were born about 10,000 years ago. No matter how the times change, like the herbs loved after all the years, that is the kind of brand we want to create. A mental health brand. “mallow blue” Mallow blue is a name for a kind of herbal tea.

A surprise herbal tea that amuses the minds of women. Also known as the “tea of breaking dawn” from its similarity to the way the beautiful sky colors change from blue to pink before sunrise.


Through times and moods, we recommend sophisticated and classy styles. Styles of basic clothing “DERSSED UP” just a little. Individual and unconventional styles.
The key words are, “Timeless” “Minimal” “Clean” “Color therapy”
The key colors are, “Blue” ”Yellow” ”Pink”