A straight object can create a curve by adding people or wind.
The trees grow straight toward the heavens along with nature.
The beauty unique to that person grows as you grow old.
The endlessness, that doesn’t have an end, that is probably what elegant means.


The roots of fashion,
Based on uniform, sports, military, work, ethnicity.
Constructive and practical designs.
「Looking a few years ahead, making avant-garde clothes that won’t go out of style in a couple of years」
「For women who can take off even the latest dresses if they don’t suit them」
These are words of a woman designer who played an active part in the 1980s.
The cool of mallow blue is both her truth and her psychology.


Feminine is not cute or innocent.
Light material like clear air.
Frills like the wind that remind you of the changing seasons, colors of flowers that feel like the arrival of spring.
The world that coexists with nature, that comfortable and romantic world is what I want to call feminine…